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Avalon Guest Accommodation

26 - Apr - 2015

Brighton's stylish, friendly and homely guesthouse

News and Information

News and Information

Rose And Chick

Latest News and what's happening ...

Don't delay booking for too long as the Avalon fills quickly.

People want good value in these tricky times and you get that here (good value - not tricky times!). Some of the restaurants nearby struggled earlier in the year - some closed (none of the ones we particularly recommend but that's not the point). Brighton continues to be a fun and very lively place with fantastic restaurants - many doing excellent deals.

Pubs too often have Happy Hour deals.

What do you get in a B&B?

Here's what you get at the Avalon:

  • Free wireless broadband
  • A litre glass jug of filtered water
  • Tea / coffee / hot chocolate making in all rooms
  • DVD players and flat screens in all rooms*
  • Eating out / entertainment advice and assistance
  • Newspaper delivered to room (just pay for the paper on your bill)
  • Range of breakfast choice - special diets catered for
  • 2 kids up to age 15 free in family room (has two double beds)
  • Dogs more than welcome and advice where to go walkies
  • OS Maps loaned for free for the walkers
  • Restaurants or theatres booked
  • Use of laundry if staying for more than two days
  • Free seagull updates and window visits
  • Avalon notepads in rooms

Why pay £450 when you can get all this for under £100?


I wasn't sure whether to call us 'dog friendly' or 'pet friendly'. I thought the former better for two reasons: most people with pets only tend to bring dogs, and I'm not sure what else people might bring. I imagined the inner doorbell going at 3am with a worried guest telling me that Rambo is missing and may have switched rooms, Rambo being a fully grown tarantula, or prize python.

Therefore we are a dog friendly Brighton guest house where mainly well behaved dogs are more than welcome. We've had more dogs than I can mention but keep them coming... they're usually so quiet as they are exhausted by all the activity!


I'm going on the lookout for interesting books for the rooms. In addition to the usual stuff about serial killers etc, I've found 'How to Survive Bird Flu - a Practical Guide'. This includes a fascinating chapter on how to barricade yourself into your house for several months. Do you get the idea? There's a guide to the architecture of British Crematoria. Get to Know Your Mouse. Air Raid Precautions, What's in the Queen's Handbag? Places to Hide in the UK, How To Survive a Horror Movie and so on... must keep looking. Or if you find one - I once saw 'Road Haulage Companies in Dyffedd in the 1970s' - please bring it.

Low-energy bulbs:

Most bulbs - but not all - are now the low-energy kind. The lights offer the same degree of illumination but last longer and use a lot less electricity, helping save the planet let alone the electricity bill! If you cannot tolerate the light they give out (a small number of people get headaches) let us know when you book and we'll put standard lighting back in the room for the duration of your stay. Some lights (and we've heard nothing about this yet from the lighting people) can only be 'normal' energy - chandeliers, picture lights etc. Let's have a good chandelier equivalent please.

Update; There's a halogen 28W bulb inside a normal candle bulb which offers over 40W illumination which works really well in chandeliers. Every little helps. Mini spiral 3W bulbs from QVS work really well in picture lights - retaining the warmth of the 15W Pygmy bulbs (am I allowed to say that?). Anyway, they work well.

Art and Photography:

The 'Boutique' trend for blank walls (doors, bedding, carpets etc.) is almost over, rooms and corridors should start to remind you of home rather than an airport lounge. For stunning landscapes and sunsets see Wendy Puerto's work on her website Not only that she's got a gorgeous Staffie called Oliver. Some of the photographs on this website are from a guest called Gil Vettraino who has stayed here a couple of times with his lovely wife Sylvie and equally lovely daughter Melody. The Brighton Pier, Royal Pavilion and Hove Esplanade pictures are all his.His website address is and finally we won a pair of signed Gilbert and George pictures which I've had framed and you can see them on the stairway as you go to the first floor.


We can knock a bit off for stays of three nights or longer. Remember, Brighton carries on running every day - not just at weekends. All those restaurants and bars are still open - only you have a bit more space to move around and you get served quicker! And if you don't - vote with your feet!

Parking and getting here

We have hotel parking vouchers which cost £7.50 per 24 hours of parking restricted time. This is how much the council charge us for them, and we buy them upfront.

For instance, if you arrive on a Saturday at 1.55pm, you scratch of a start time of 2.00pm, and the voucher entitles you to park in the space until 2.00pm on the Sunday.

You can park in designated spaces in Zone C (basically Kemptown and Queens Park). However some roads immediately north (3 minutes walk away) have spaces on the street costing about £3 for 11 hours as long as you buy your ticket from the machine just before 9.00am. Attendants will pounce if you are a little too relaxed about timing ...

Collect the parking permit on arrival - you can park on the double yellows opposite for 'loading' while you collect it if you have to if there's no room outside but don't pull up in the bus stop (unless you're a bus) - it's an instant ticket. We'll suggest likely nearby places for parking.

Or come to Brighton by rail, sea and air. More and more people are travelling to Brighton by train and it's 49 minutes from London. It's just over an hour from St Pancras or Ashford International Eurostar terminals too for all you lucky Euro Zone people for whom the pound is so cheap!

From the station the number 7 bus - heading for the Marina - drops you right outside and it's only about a 5 minute trip, traffic lights and 250 sets of roadworks permitting. If you're using the buses again on the same day, buy a Saver Ticket in the One Stop Travel Shop to your right as you exit the station. This covers you on all Brighton & Hove buses for a day.

Walking from the station, go straight ahead on Queens Road to the Clock Tower. Turn left (by Boots) onto North Street and stay on that road to Old Steine with its War Memorial and fountain. Keep the same direction, cross over onto St James's Street heading uphill. At the top is a set of lights - turn left onto Upper Rock Gardens and we are at number 7 on the left.

From the coach station at Pool Valley we're roughly 6 or 7 minutes walk away. If you're a lone female arriving late we'll happily meet you there and help you back with your luggage or there's a taxi rank nearby.

Brighton's bus service is as good or actually better than those you find on the continent. And as for taxis - make sure you are ready if you call one because they are usually here in a couple of minutes.

Out and about on the South Downs National Park

Every season is great in its own way for walking in the South Downs National Park. We've got maps of the area and can offer travel and walking information. If you need to stock up on socks, boots, woolly hats (!) or other stuff Brighton has a host of outlets.

There are some fantastic little pubs nestling in the villages but we must use them or lose them. The Abergavenny Arms - on the South Downs Way - closed a few years ago but reopened when people realised how much they missed it. We don't want a world where the only survivors are the chains. Go to the Ram in Firle, the Half Moon in Plumpton or the Royal Oak in Poynings - all amazing places, amazing food, and just timeless.

All a short bus ride then a ramble from our here. You can each have a day's travel for £3.30 (Summer 2011) by buying your saver ticket at a nearby newsagent or the One Stop Travel Shop just 5 minutes walk from here.

We have a favourite walk we'd happily share with you that takes you no further than about 5 kilometres away but you'd swear you are in the deserted hills of some far off country. Then a little while later you are in Rottingdean - a ten minute bus ride back or a delightful stroll along the undercliff for a few cocktails in the Marina while you daydream about owning one of the stunning boats moored there.

We're keeping an eye on restaurant deals too, so we can suggest places to go that won't rack up heavily on the card.

And you have the advantage of returning to a city with hundreds of restaurants and bars so you have a massive choice of evening entertainment. You won't have to forage outside your tent for roots or some poor passing rabbit.

Civil Partnerships

Lots of couples have had pre-Civil Partnership nights at the Avalon and hit the town in a big way. If you are thinking of coming to Brighton for a pre-partnership night or weekend away, needing accommodation for your family and friends if you're having a local ceremony, or looking for a romantic getaway afterwards, give us a call. Our Four Poster, Imperial and King Size rooms are just the ticket for getting you underway on your new life together. For your Civil Partnership, Hen or Stag party needs, try


All our reviews are genuine and unsolicited. That's why we have poor ones as well as good (we appreciate genuine or constructive criticism but cannot really understand why a few people have to be so nasty).

Any place, however good, will not please everybody. If someone is 'amazed' that they get soft towels, free hot chocolate, shower gel, a map of Brighton or advice on where to eat or drink from the owners of their hotel or guesthouse then they must never have left home before. We'll give you all these things but hope you'd expect that kind of service and that it doesn't come as a surprise - it shouldn't.

What you get at the Avalon is as good as anything comparable and in most instances better. And if things are not to your liking, tell us - we welcome constructive comments and (reasonable) suggestions and will work hard to put them right. A recent complaint about a noisy bathroom fan has prompted me to search out and fit some quieter fans (they cost twice as much and to be honest don't sound much quieter).

Brighton & Hove Hotels Association

Our association has its own website at you can get insider information about upcoming events. If we are full you can also have a look at some of the other accommodation on offer in the city.

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